Dong Zhengping, the new CEO of Ziming Printing Machinery: to create new coordinates for national printing machinery

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In recent years, the brand of offset printing machines in my country has been hit hard, but Ziming printing presses have bucked the trend. On the one hand, they built a production base in Zhejiang; Dong Zhengping, the general manager of the Machinery Group and its sales company, was invited by Mr. Du Longfei, chairman of Ziming Printing Machinery, to serve as the general manager of Shanghai Ziming Printing Machinery and Zhejiang Ziming Printing Machinery, which attracted great attention from the industry.


Budding in the turmoil of the 1930s, from state-owned enterprises to Sino-foreign joint ventures, and then to the vigorous development after the wholly-owned acquisition of the well-known printing machine investor Mr. Du Longfei, Shanghai Ziming Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zi Ming" Mingyinji"), as a professional manufacturer of printing machinery with a history of more than 90 years, vividly demonstrated to the world the steadily strong history of China's national printing machine enterprises.

In 2019, Ziming Printing Machinery invested in the construction of a modern production base in Zhejiang Yaozhuang Industrial Park, and officially established Zhejiang Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Its trend of breaking bamboo has attracted great attention both inside and outside the industry. In 2020, even though the global economic turmoil caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Ziming Printing Press will continue to develop as firm as ever: while maintaining the upgrade of the company’s “hardware”, the company also has a significant role in the “soft power” of talent team building. change.

Recently, at the invitation of Mr. Du Longfei, Chairman of Ziming Printing Machinery, a well-known person in the domestic printing machinery industry, Mr. Dong Zhengping, formally assumed the post of General Manager of Shanghai Ziming and Zhejiang Ziming Company, fully responsible for the company’s business management, product development, Technical management, production management, quality management, market planning, sales management, etc.


Dong Zhengping, most people familiar with China's printing machinery industry are no strangers. After graduating with a master's degree in printing machinery in 1994, he joined Shanghai Guanghua. In the following 27 years, from design engineer to chief engineer, from technical position to sales and management position, he successively served as chief engineer of Shanghai Guanghua, vice president and concurrently General Manager of Sales Branch; General Manager of Shanghai Office of Akiyama International Co., Ltd.; General Manager of Sales Company of Shanghai Electric Printing & Packaging Group; General Manager of Major Clients in China and Shanghai Branch of Beijing Jiahe Dingxin (Japan Ryobi Shinryo RMGT) General manager and other positions, rich experience and experience, Dong Zhengping has both the concentration and professionalism of "craftsman", and the extraordinary insight and overall view unique to "leader".

Dong Zhengping’s participation in this time is undoubtedly a powerful addition to the Ziming Printing Machinery, which is currently under the trend of "expanding territories"; for himself, it is naturally a "return" to the national printing industry and to promote national printing. The new journey of the machine brand to the world

"Ziming is a company with a national printing press complex. The chairman, Mr. Du Longfei, is full of confidence in the future prospects of the national printing press. Ziming has always taken'creating value for customers' as its mission and devoted himself to the national printing press. Progress and development."

It was the high recognition of Ziming’s corporate philosophy that allowed Dong Zhengping to make important career choices. “I hope that this time returning to the big family of national printing presses, they can make their own efforts and contributions to the national printing press industry."

In recent years, countless printers have been lamenting that China’s printing machinery industry is “continuously regressing” because one after another once brilliant domestic printing press brands disappeared from everyone’s vision, and one after another printing press manufacturing companies that have made numerous achievements have been listed. Transfer is embarrassing. But the author is extremely fortunate that despite the long roads and difficult fortunes, there are still national companies like Ziming Printing Machinery that have survived, and they are still enthusiastic and moving forward steadily.

The brave wins if you meet on a narrow road! At this critical moment when the crowds compete and the red and blue ocean markets reshuffle their creation, the national printing press can only innovate and become self-reliant!

In the past development process, it is not difficult to see that Ziming Printing Machinery has always been a company that dares to work hard and innovate. Its innovative capabilities can be seen from the company's current product layout.

At present, Ziming printers mainly focus on three series of single and double-sided offset printers, gravure printers and paper cutters. Among them, the offset printer series introduces the world-renowned Japanese Akiyama offset printing machine technology, and the paper cutter series introduces Japanese Ito paper cutter technology with a century of history. At the same time, Ziming Printing Machine also pays great attention to technological innovation and product research and development. Its leading products have its own patented technology. In addition, it has also extended the development of inspection machines, UV coating machines, 3D printing machines and three-sided book cutting machines. A product series, and strive to provide customers with more solutions that meet their needs. Among the many product series, Ziming Printing Machine's single- and double-sided offset printing presses and gravure printing presses have become the first choice products for many customers in the printing and packaging industry.

For the future blueprint of Ziming Printing Machinery, what Dong Zhengping planned was an active "strategy to challenge."

He said: “Ziming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. will focus on its core three leading product series, enhance its core competitiveness by strengthening technological innovation, conceptual innovation and management innovation, and achieve mutual cooperation with customers with high-quality products and excellent services. Progress and development. We will work together with our partners to gradually build "Ziming Printer" into an internationally renowned and domestic first-class supplier of printing and post-press printing equipment systems, and establish a new coordinate for the national printer array."

During an interview, Dong Zhengping even revealed: "Ziming will launch a sheet-fed double-sided offset press with international technical standards in the second half of this year, with high performance, high configuration, high efficiency, fully automatic and intelligent operation mode, with a speed of 15,000. Sheets/hour, with automatic plate loading, automatic registration, automatic cleaning, ink volume preset, CIP3/4, color management, etc., will technically lead the single-sided double-sided printing machine market in an all-round way for the Chinese book printing industry Customers provide the best equipment guarantee."

Individuals, businesses, and customers, working together, self-reliant and innovative, and growing together, will have the future of the national printing machine!

In 2020, the sudden new crown epidemic has now spread to the world, making all walks of life feel more difficult. According to "Tianyan Check" data, affected by the epidemic, in the first quarter of 2020, more than 460,000 companies have closed down in my country. In the first quarter, my country's GDP was RMB 20 trillion, a year-on-year decrease of 6.8%. Behind this, I don't know how many companies' wailing and screams are hidden. In adjusting business directions, iterating product forms, optimizing team configuration, and looking for new business opportunities, how many companies have quietly fallen. For today's enterprises, the epidemic has not yet ended, and the downward pressure on the economy is still huge. In an uncertain environment, we need to stabilize our mind and seek opportunities in crisis.

"The sudden epidemic has indeed had a greater impact on the overall economy, and Ziming has also been affected to a certain extent. Fortunately, the company has made sufficient preparations and has a certain market order reserve, plus the state's attention and support to the book and cultural industry. For example, Shandong Feicheng Xinhua ordered two Ziming double-sided printing presses at one time this year. So compared to last year, our sales in the first half of the year did not decrease but increased." Dong Zhengping said.

Obviously, compared with some companies that panic and have no foundation or preparation, Ziming Printing Machine's response to the epidemic is stable and orderly. In fact, it is true. In such a difficult time, Ziming printers sold nearly 10 million in March. Among them, Ziming double-sided printing presses have been widely recognized by the market, and the factory has been continuously shipped recently, and the factory is busy.